The Search for Paradise

Separated from her puppies by a cruel farmhand, the grieving Brittany pointer Dixie comes to the aid of a traumatized English pointer puppy. The sad little pup’s deceased mother had been Dixie’s best friend.

Dixie vows to her lost friend that she will take good care of her orphaned puppy. Leaving behind the farm that had […]

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Dog Talk 628

We have an adorable dog of the week in Tank. You’ve got to see this cute bulldog!
Plus, Dr. Bra Roach visits with us about the importance of supplements.
We’re featuring the disk dogs today.

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Dog Talk 627

We are proud to feature another local artist, Lynda Savage. Shawna Bawstic, with the Mustang Animal Shelter, visits us to talk about what’s new at that facility. Plus, it’s another activity you can do with the kids in Barn Hunting. We feature a great illustrator in Tim Raglin. The Trainer’s forum is back. Plus, it’s […]

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Dog Talk 626

We have the most adorable Dog of the Week. It’s a bulldog that wears glasses and makes the sweetest noises. You’ve got to see TANK!
Plus, Dr. Brad Roach stops by to talk abut the importance of supplements. Is your lifestyle contributing to your dogs’ bad health?
And it’s another kid friendly dog activity. This time Nancy […]

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The Mystery of an Adopted Dog’s History

If you raise a Dog at eight weeks of age or so, And you got him or her from a reputable breeder,
you’ll have control of that pup’s mind and his or her physical health. Your Dog’s future depends
on the way you manage his or her early life.

I’ve always said that each of us […]

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