Dog Talk 718

Details on SOAR from the same folks from the Ardmore Animal Shelter. Plus, we put service dogs into perspective. How the trained K9s can alert to epileptic seizures. And Ted and Pat are back answering viewer questions.

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Dog Talk 717

The Underdog Rescue, in Choctaw, stops by to tell us about their continued efforts. Plus, we meet ‘Lovely’ and Pit Bull mix who is in a prosthetic leg. We visit the Ardmore Animal Shelter to recognize their continued efforts. Plus, Bill Bonadio and Sherri Lanier are in the kitchen cooking food that is best for […]

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Dog Talk 716

Red Dirt Boxer Rescue stops by to give us an update on their happenings. Plus, Dr. Brian Jones is back to discuss dogs’ sleeping habits. The Mustang Shelter joins the Mustang Police Department to talk about their joint relationship to combat overpopulation. And Ted is back to speak with the Best of Books about new […]

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Dog Talk 715

Veterinarian Dr. Jones stops by to talk about basic First Aid. Our trainers’ forum gives tips to retraining aggressive dogs. Plus, a local attorney discusses dog leash laws in city limits. Details on severe weather safety for your furry family members, including the importance of having a storm shelter.

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Dog Talk 714

Our Dog of the Week gets a makeover by Maggie Mulligan. Plus, we meet the cover dog of the OKC Pets Magazine. We feature a native american artist who portrays dogs on slate. And one of Pat’s favorite artists visits the studio to present her with a portrait of one of her dogs

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Dog Talk 713

Cynthia Armstrong, with the Humane Society of the United States, and Cindy Cunningham, with the Oklahoma Department of Narcotics, talk about drug dogs and their purpose in our state. We announce the winner of our online video contest. Plus, details on a big event with the Bella Foundation.

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