Dog Talk 748

Jillian Whitaker is on the set to talk about her mission at Better Black News. Our dog of the week is Jennifer Pate. And it’s our Christmas Special. We surprise some lucky shoppers at A1 Pet Emporium with shopping sprees. Merry Christmas.

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Dog Talk 747

Dog of the week is Daniel Degeus. Pam Meyers visits the set with some of her beautiful photography. She also presents Pat with a photo of her late dog Gypsy. Nan and Joe Height of Best of Books visit the set and have some great holiday break reading ideas for the kiddos. Heavenly Pets talks […]

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Dog Talk 746

Dog of the Week is Jami Sanders and ‘Allie’ the Shetland Sheepdog.
We take a look at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society Hero Awards. Plus, one of the best trainers in the state visits the set with simple tips to stay on track to training at home.

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Dog Talk 745

Dog of the Week is Megan Hickey & Jennifer Pate.
Scissortail Media visits the set to discuss what they do as a production house. We’ve got some great craft ideas that are family friendly and just in time to for the holidays.

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Dog Talk 744

This is our Thanksgiving Special. We visit with Royce Clay and pay it forward to the Whippet Rescue. Details on food safety during the holidays. We also have a very fun montage of our best memories of 2016.

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Dog Talk 743

We’re proud to announce Rusty Rasmussen is taking over as Dog Talk cohost for 2017. Our Dog of the Week is David Trimberger and his Malteese mix. Karen Starks visits to the set to talk about The Hug Project. Details on Dogs on Deployment. Plus, Hounds of the Heartland visit with Pat.

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Dog Talk 742

Dog of the Week is Ryanne Ford. Obedience trainer Kimberley Bowman won our Facebook contest. She visits with Pat. Plus, A1 Pet Emporium tells us the proper way to feed your dog from a puppy to a senior.

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Dog Talk 741

Details on an upcoming event with the trainer Brenda Aloff. Cynthia Armstrong and Drew Edmondson discuss State Question 777. We chat with the Weimaraner Rescue. We talk with Nicole Holloway about the liability of dog attacks.

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A Note of Gratitude

As we approach a New Year, our thoughts are of the opportunities we’ll have to further explore the ongoing issues of Pet care. As the Dog Talk TV Show host I’m privy to the problems so many Dog owners face daily. I communicate with hundreds of folks who have important questions which need definitive answers. […]

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A Snuggly Warm Puppy Christmas!

The warmth and sweet dreams of Christmas are upon us and nothing is as sweet and full of warmth than a snuggly, furry puppy! What could be finer than to give the special gift of a friendly and cute puppy for Christmas? Giving and thoughts of others is the spirit of Christmas! A puppy would seem […]

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