Teaching a reliable “Come when called”

Teaching a reliable recall is necessary for your dog’s safety. Unless a dog has a reliable recall it will never be able to enjoy off leash play.
A reliable recall can be taught to any dog no matter breed or age. I teach from the outline below over a six week class.  Here are the first […]

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More winter tips from NADOI

Here are some great winter tips from a California transplant who is living through Idaho’s worst winter in 35 years. Check out these great ideas from Anita Crafton #463 Idaho.

1. You may love your first snowfall, but your dog may not. This can cause some dogs to come “un-housebroken”. Male dogs are usually less bothered by […]

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A few new NADOI Tips

Well, in the land of white endless vistas, one problem here is that now the snow is reaching the top of my 6 foot privacy fence.  The question is, how do you keep 7 German Shepherds INSIDE when the snow is 1 foot or LESS from the top of the fence? One can use a snow […]

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