Dog Talk 804

This show is all about Lure Coursing. We take you through the initial training as a puppy, take a look at a local event as well as a national event. Tune in to see if this activity is right for your dog.

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Desensitizing your dog to people at the door

Repeat each step at least 10 times in rapid succession in a session. This helps teach the dog that the doorbell (or knock) is no big deal.

Do at least 3 sessions at each level before progressing. But do not progress until the dog is non reactive at the previous level. It is all right to […]

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Dog Talk 803

Today we check in with the Weimaraner Rescue. We take a look at their successful Ghost Run event. Plus, meet an adorable Weim puppy named Gator.

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Dog Talk 802

Today we focus on the toy fox terriers. Pat tells us why they were bread, what sporting events the dogs are good at, and what kind of home environment would be best suited for the breed. We also head to the kitchen with Bill Bonadio to show you how to make dog food for the […]

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Dog Talk 801

We chat with the new trainer in town, Maddy Schell. We also take a look at the wonderful Halloween event hosted by Frontier City. Trisha Clark is back from A1 Pet Emporium to take a look at their new spring arrivals.

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Teaching a reliable “Come when called” Part 2

Here is the continuation of our previous article about teaching a reliable come when called for your dog.


A game played by multiple family member households. You can use a long line if necessary. Children get the best treats. Adult stands behind the child in the beginning if necessary. Make a circle or […]

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