Through the Eyes of a Dog – the Dog Park

Don’t misinterpret BULLY behavior for friendly greeting

“Oh boy! We are going for a ride in the car! That always means something fun! I love running and playing! I especially like the river!

“Oh boy! Here we are! Look at this big space for me to run! I hope mom brought treats, too! It’s so fun to […]

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Dog Talk 808

Dog of the Week: Lynn Walker, Oakley Shih Tzu
Maggie Springer is back showing us how to groom your dog properly. Plus, we take a look at Marley’s Mutts.

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Dog Talk 807

Dog of the Week: Michelle Duncan & Mark Henry, Obi ‘Deaf Boxer’
Today we are focusing on dogs with hearing loss. How to take care of those dogs and what is done from a veterinary standpoint to help diagnose hearing loss. Plus, Susan Owen is back to show us how you can train your dog to […]

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Dog Talk 806

Best Of Books is back to talk about upcoming book drives featuring reads about dogs. The trainers’ forum is back to answer your questions. Plus, a look back at Puggerfest.

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Dog Talk 805

Today’s show is focussing on senior dogs. Dr. Lara Sypniewski is here to answer health related questions for senior dog owners. We take a look at a day in the life of living with a senior dog. Plus, a touching video on how hospice plays a roll. Trisha Clark is back from A1 Pet Emporium […]

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