Dog Talk 822

Dog of the Week: Patty Stevens, Owner ‘Hanna’
Today on Dog Talk we visit with Maggie Springs and her mobile grooming unit. Plus, we visit the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter.

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Dog Talk 821

Dog of the Week: Louise Cook, Owner ‘Ruby’
Today we take a look at the Carin Terrier breed. We have a special announcement about a new contest with Barking Dog Bakery. Plus, details on Haven of Hope.

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Dog Talk 820

Dog of the Week: Lesa Laster
We have two very colorful Chinese Crested dogs as our Dog of the Week. Details on how to properly groom this interesting breed. We get the inside scoop on Free To Live’s new therapy dog mobile unit. The Norman Public Library joins us on set to talk about their dog […]

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Dog Talk 819

Dog of the Week: Gabriele Ruppricht
This show focuses on important veterinary issues for your dog. Our trainers’ forum is back answering questions about compulsive disorders in dogs.

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Dog Talk 818

Dog of the Week: Thomas Scherm, Owner ‘Daryl’
Pat walks through options on what to do with a family’s new dog. Plus, the winner of our Dog Talk photo contest and details how you can get in on the fun. We visit the OKC Animal Shelter.

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Dog Talk 817

Dog of the Week: Paula TIller
A look ahead at the Summer Classic Dog Show. How junior handlers are able to get involved in showing dogs at such a young age. Plus, a hard look into the stress involved of Veterinary medicine.

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Dog Talk 816

Dog of the Week: Donna Canada, Owner ‘Yipee’
We have a sweet surprise for our Dog of the Week winner. Bill Bonadio visits us with a story about his grand-dog that had knee surgery. Plus, legal advice about what you can do if you witness animal abuse.

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