Dog Talk 826

Dog of the Week: Sarah Hoke, Owner ‘Barclay’
We take questions for our trainer’s forum. Plus, we talk to a veterinary professional about the good and bad toys for dogs.

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Dog Talk 825

We take a look at a dog friendly beer brewery in Oklahoma. Plus, Trisha Clark is back from A1 Pet Emporium with some great supplements to combat those pesky fleas and ticks this summer. Pat sits down with the new president of Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Plus, we visit some of the top places to […]

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Dog Talk 824

Dog of the Week: Casey Soraya
Pat is away on vacation so Producer, JaNiece Cranmer, is hosting the show. Dr. Brad Roach visits us on set to talk about a life-saving new technology. How holistic medicine saved the life of a dog. Plus, we take a look at the Bone Dog Boutique. Trisha Clark has details […]

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Dog Talk 823

Dog of the Week: Natasha Wright
Today we have a very energetic dog of the week winner. .Plus, we visit with Amy Shrodes about her new book about a cat. Nicole Holloway comes to the studio to talk about the best way to report abusive owners. And we take a look at some of the best […]

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