Children’s Book Contest

From time to time we hold events to encourage authors who write stories about Pets–Non-fiction or Fiction. We believe deeply that educating pet owners concerning the responsibilities of pet ownership is ultimately the answer to the problems for pets in need, and pet advocacy organizations who struggle year after year rehabilitating pets mentally and physically—to […]

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Dozer – A Narcoleptic Dog


“I have a 15 week old rottie puppy for you to foster!” was the text I received from the intake coordinator of the rescue where I volunteer. Having a Rottweiler and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the big joke in our rescue is that if the pup is black and tan or brown, I’ll […]

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Providing for Your Pet’s Future Without You

Hi Dog Talk!

It’s Liz E’s Pekingese Rescue and Sanctuary. Dropping you a note again to thank you for your gift to our organization and to share with you another story of people failing to plan for their pets.

We received an email from a fellow rescue group asking us to contact a lady in the south […]

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