NADOI logoThe National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors ( is a certifying organization for instructors of dog obedience. NADOI was founded in 1965 to promote the profession of dog obedience instructing and assist its members with educational and networking opportunities.

NADOI certification is not a first step for someone in our profession, but rather a goal for those who have been in the business for a time and demonstrated an outstanding ability to teach people to train dogs. Our members include some of the most experienced and best-known instructors in our field. NADOI is a non-profit organization and has members world-wide. We are always glad to provide resources to dog obedience trainers, instructors, and pet owners.

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The Nature of Dog Learning

Mother Nature has provided all animals with the necessary tools to learn how to survive, and thrive. She uses her environment and gives elders the ability to give baby wildlife important information for their growth and ultimately survival of the species. At first, the mother and or father provide food for their young, from birds […]

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A Note of Gratitude

As we approach a New Year, our thoughts are of the opportunities we’ll have to further explore the ongoing issues of Pet care. As the Dog Talk TV Show host I’m privy to the problems so many Dog owners face daily. I communicate with hundreds of folks who have important questions which need definitive answers. […]

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A Snuggly Warm Puppy Christmas!

The warmth and sweet dreams of Christmas are upon us and nothing is as sweet and full of warmth than a snuggly, furry puppy! What could be finer than to give the special gift of a friendly and cute puppy for Christmas? Giving and thoughts of others is the spirit of Christmas! A puppy would seem […]

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