Dog Talk 735

Dog of the Week is Lauren Fortenberry and her dog Hank. Tina Brown from the Because of You Chihuahua Rescue stops by. Plus, Best of Books tells us about some great need kid friendly reads. Details on the 5K Ghost Run.

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Dog Talk 734

Dog of the Week is Marsha Sneed and her mix breed Shae. We visit with the 3 Girls Rescue and the Skiatook Rescue. Plus a look at OKC’s Pet Expo event. Primal Pet Foods visits the studio to talk about the benefits of a raw diet

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Dog Talk 733

Dog of the Week is Sara Shephard and her mix breed Mazmo. We talk with Rachel Clinton from the State Department of Health about pet diseases. A wonderful pet store called Pet Vet Supply joins us on set to tell us what all they have. Plus more information on State Question 777 and what it […]

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Growing Old Sucks!

I used to wonder why some older people walked hunched over. It irritated me because I felt that they were just not trying to stand up straight. Then I found out why they stooped and stumbled they were in pain! It came to me suddenly years later when I glanced in a store window as […]

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Dog Talk 732

Dog of the Week is Lesa Laster and her standard poodle. Dr. Giles visits the set to explain the importance of diseases your dog may have contracted during the summer months. Plus, Bill Bonadio & Sherri Lanier show us human foods that are not good for canine consumption.

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