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Eligibility: This contest is open only to registered veterinarians or clinics in the state of Oklahoma who comment on the post linked here on our Facebook page […]

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What do you do if your dogs goes missing?

Now that summer is here, it seems like we are seeing more lost dogs in our neigborhoods.  Even when owners take great care to watch over their pets, dogs can get out and wander off.  We can train our dogs to wait at doors and gates, keep them inside, and keep our fences in repair, […]

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Dog Talk 815

We visit with Dr. Hanzlicek at OSU to talk about dogs and the summer heat. Plus a look at the Mustang Animal Shelter & Free to Live’s Poker Run.

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Dog Talk 814

We sit down with the Providence Working Canines to talk about drugs in schools. Plus, our trainers’ forum is back to tackle your tough training questions. We visit the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter.

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Dog Talk 813

We visit the Enid SPCA. Trisha Clark joins Pat on set to talk about great diet options. A heads up on ticks this summer. Plus, we’ve got some great book and video options for those kiddos.

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Dog Talk 812

A surprise is in store for Cherokee Ballard on Dog Talk. Dr. Cross tells us the importance of teeth cleaning. Plus, we have a special visitor from Lawton to talk to us about a animal advocacy message on the radio.

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Dog Talk 811

Nicole Holloway is back to give us some legal advice about things you should know as a dog owner. Plus, we take a visit to the Britton Road Vet Clinic. And Sherri Lanier from Barking Dog Bakery shows us some new things to her store.

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Dog Talk 810

We go inside the rink with the Oklahoma City Blazers Hockey Team. The General Manager loves when dogs visit the arena. We also visit with Jon Gary of the Oklahoma City Animal Sheler. And details on Pet Sitters International.

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Dog Talk 809

Trisha Clark of A1 Pet Emporium is back to talk about small dog diets. She tells us how much food you should really be giving those little canines. Because of You Chihuahua Rescue is back to give us an update on how their organization is doing. They have a few adorable dogs available for adoption. […]

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