Now that summer is here, it seems like we are seeing more lost dogs in our neigborhoods.  Even when owners take great care to watch over their pets, dogs can get out and wander off.  We can train our dogs to wait at doors and gates, keep them inside, and keep our fences in repair, but sometimes the worst happens.  The yard guys might not latch the gate well, the kids might leave a door ajar, or storms can frighten dogs or even knock down fences.   So what do you do if your dogs goes missing?

First, being successful in finding your lost dog is like most other endeavors, meaning be prepared!  It goes without saying that your dog should have a collar and tags on all the time, or at the very least your phone number embroidered on the collar if you don’t like dangle tags. Make sure your dog is micro-chipped, and that you have clear, color photos handy to put on flyers.  If you are in a neighborhood social media group, make sure you put the word out as soon as you notice your dog is missing.  Sharp-eyed neighbors can often spot your pet before he gets too far away.  If you see walkers in your neighborhood, ask them if they have seen your dog or if perhaps he has tried to follow them.  Call your shelter or pound and let them know (may take a trip down there in person but well worth the effort). And bear in mind that many shelters require that you prove rabies vaccination before they’ll release your dog.  So know where that documentation is.   Also check with area veterinarians, as many times people who find a dog will take it to the nearest vet to be scanned for a chip.  And just another word on chips….make sure the info on file is current and accurate.

Naturally, you will want to drive and walk the neighborhood to look for your dog.  If you have another dog, sometimes just seeing him will cause your dog to come to you if frightened.  And don’t give up too soon.  Offer a reward and keep at it.  Most lost dogs are found!

Submitted by:
Helen Cariotis #372
Duncanville, TX