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We are passionate about helping dogs. Oklahoman's love their dogs and we do too! Dog Talk focuses on new and relational topics all dog owners consider. Let us help you with all your dog related questions. We advocate for fostering, adoption and donation.

Dog Talk 831

Dog of the Week: Sherri Eager, Foster ‘Taylor’ We visit with Jon Gary of the OKC Animal Shelter about the top reasons why dogs are surrendered. Nicole Holloway visits with Pat about the importance of establishing a will or trust for your animals.

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, there are many things to consider in order to keeping your dog healthy, safe, and happy.

Alcoholic beverages – Drunken dogs are very sick dogs. An ounce of a beverage that is 20 to 40 proof can cause alcohol poisoning or coma in a small dog.

Angel hair – This […]

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Puppy Behavior

We get some great tips from our friends at National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc. (NADOI), Pair this advice with the New Puppy Daily Checklist on our website and it’s a recipe for success! #welovedogs#adoptdontshop

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Dog Talk 830

OK Save A Dog visits with Pat about a terrifying accident involving one of their own. Nancy Haddock awards Sunshine Bush with the Faith Award for her courageous efforts and continued recovery. Plus, Autism Oklahoma Organizations comes to the set with information on how dogs assist people with Autism. We have an informative trainers’ forum. […]

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Dog Talk 829

We visit with Dr. Laura Sypniewski about the financial considerations we should think about before owning a dog. Trisha Clark, from A1 Pet Emporium, is back with a special surprise for a charitable organization in the OKC metro. Plus, the OKC Kennel Club has a new young handlers’ class starting up. We have the inside […]

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Dog Talk 828

Today we visit North 40 Kennels. Great training tips from Maddy Schell. Plus, two beautiful and fun rough coated collies are on the show.

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Dog Talk 827

Dog Talk hits the streets to check out three dog events in the metro. Come check out Doggy Palooza at Bob Moore. We go from cars to hogs at Harley Davidson. Plus, Pet Angels has a new facility and we are there for the grand opening. Pat has another new book out. Two movies that […]

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Dog Talk 826

Dog of the Week: Sarah Hoke, Owner ‘Barclay’
We take questions for our trainer’s forum. Plus, we talk to a veterinary professional about the good and bad toys for dogs.

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Dog Talk 825

We take a look at a dog friendly beer brewery in Oklahoma. Plus, Trisha Clark is back from A1 Pet Emporium with some great supplements to combat those pesky fleas and ticks this summer. Pat sits down with the new president of Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Plus, we visit some of the top places to […]

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Dog Talk 824

Dog of the Week: Casey Soraya
Pat is away on vacation so Producer, JaNiece Cranmer, is hosting the show. Dr. Brad Roach visits us on set to talk about a life-saving new technology. How holistic medicine saved the life of a dog. Plus, we take a look at the Bone Dog Boutique. Trisha Clark has details […]

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