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Dog Talk 840

Dog of the Week: Denise Phoenix, Owner ‘Sadie’ The Pitbull Rescue of Oklahoma visits ups on set with a very sweet Pitty. We visit the Azzani Training Center. Plus, we are getting in the Christmas spirit by taking a look back at one of our favorite Christmas videos.

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Dog Talk 839

Check out this years Central Oklahoma Humane Society HERO Awards. Bill Bonadio cooks up a Thanksgiving treat for our furry friends. Plus, The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma updates us on all their good-doings. And we take a look back at some of our favorite Thanksgiving moments on Dog Talk.

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Dog Talk 838

Trisha Clark has another great Oklahoma rescue, All Paws. Plus, a great demonstration from our trainers forum. Nicole Holloway has important legal advice for us regarding the statue of limitations with pets. We take a look inside Nancy Haddock’s new Twister Agility training facility.

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Dog Talk 837

Trisha Clark brings us a fabulous Oklahoma rescue, Tornado Alley. Rusty takes us on a walk in the park. Plus, we visit with the Mustang Police Department about their K9 unit. And details on this year’s OVMA event.

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Dog Talk 836

Tina Brown, with Because of You Chihuahua Rescue, visits with Pat. Details on a terrible case of animal abuse. Plus, we check out the New Leash On Life River Run. The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter gives us an update on how things are going.

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Dog Talk 835

Dog of the Week: Becky & Bill Lindley, Owner of two bassets We meet two adorable bassets who are our dogs of the week. Plus, Halloween fun continues with a spooky Dog Talk story.

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Dog Talk 834

Halloween fun on Dog Talk today as we host a costume contest with a special surprise. Plus, a look down memory lane at our 2015 Halloween video

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Dog Talk 833

Dog Talk goes on the road at the Pet Expo in OKC. We talk about what it’s really like to be a dog show handler. Plus, we are celebrating Halloween all month long. Join us as we take a look back at some of our favorite holiday memories.

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$5000 Donation Christmas Giveaway Rules


Commenting on our website or anywhere other than the original post here on Facebook will not be counted.

Eligibility: This contest is open only to registered dog shelters or dog rescues in the state of Oklahoma who comment on the post […]

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Dog Talk 832

We’re gearing up for Halloween with a look back at all the spooky fun we’ve had over the years. Get a sneak peak at this year’s episode

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