Have you ever asked yourself: “Am I my happy In my current job—what is it that I’d rather be doing?” I questioned myself several times during my six years in two stressful jobs for animal welfare. Each time the answer was that I really wanted to be a “Dogologist.” That was the term given me by a friend’s young daughter—I guess because I always seemed to be the person her family called when they had questions about their pets. With a degree in Psychology and experience In understanding how Dogs process information, I prefer to use science-based methods which are force free. I totally believe that this process teaches Dogs to think. The methodology is simple, logical, and helps the Owners and their Dogs to bond more strongly, and communicate more easily.

I am very grateful for the value of my experiences. Some things I could not have learned any other way. Challenges are great educational tools—they make us think outside the box. I began fostering for Pets And People Humane Society when I graduated from high school. After a few years I was asked to work with the dogs who had issues—I was at that time also working as a Veterinary Assistant. I’m a very strong advocate for Positive Reinforcement training. This method has helped the hundreds of animals I’ve worked with—pets with many different personalities and issues.

First time training or Retraining—success Is about TEAM Work—You, Your Dog, and Me!

Gala Sesher