How impressed we are to have heard from so many of you during our Rescue / Shelter Contest! Dog Talk and I have recently moved to your beautiful State——and I am thrilled to have met so many amazing people! I’m anxious to begin connecting with everyone!

River Valley Web Experts, an Arkansas Resident, is the Web Master for our Dog Talk TV Page—and has been enormously helpful in educating me about everything Arkansas! They have been successful in ‘getting the word out’ about our mission at Dog Talk TV—— and initiating our first contest. They did their best to contact all of you who unselfishly give your time and heart to help save the lives of the countless animals who have been lost, abused or abandoned in your State.

River Valley Web Experts has shared with me the wonderful comments you’ve submitted concerning your remarkable local organizations which work tirelessly toward their mission to find forever homes for each animal in your care. We commend you, and thank you for your efforts!

Our congratulations to Liz E.’s Pekingese Rescue and Sanctuary. What a blessing it is to have so many friends who believe in you and your mission!

Each of the contests we present teaches us about the surrounding animal advocate groups—the depth of each organization’s interest in the comfort and care of animals. We feel that we have been given a sample of your enthusiasm!

I hope that all of you will stay in touch. We will post your events, your comments, your needs.

Many Hugs to all!

Pat Becker