Here is a great list of daily checkpoints for bringing home a new puppy. 

Tripp’s Dog Training Puppy Foundation Daily Checklist:

1. Until six months of age your puppy should be on a schedule of two hours in to every one hour out or one hour in to every one hour out of the crate throughout the day. Ideally you should have one crate of appropriate size in a quiet room away from activity so that your puppy can rest and gain confidence when not with you and a second crate in the family room for quick containment. When out of the crate your puppy should be working on potty- training, basic obedience, productive play or be tethered to the handler.

2. You should tether your puppy to you during quiet time when puppy is out of the crate and not otherwise engaged. This builds bonding, owner leadership and helps with supervision during potty -traning.

3. During potty -training never leave your puppy unattended even for a few minutes. Use the crate.

4. Supervise water and food intake for puppies during potty -training. Offer controlled amounts throughout the day so that you can time potty breaks to five minutes after water or food is offered. Stop offering water one hour before bed time.

5. Play for puppies should be oriented towards learning to be respectful. Games such as fetch should incorporate “sit” and “down” before you throw the ball and with puppy learning to give up the ball or toy to you upon retrieval. No wrestling on the ground, hand play or hand fighting and no tug of war UNLESS you are specifically working on puppy learning the “out” command. In that case, you must make sure your puppy releases the toy to you each time and you end the game by putting the toy away. You may exchange a chew bone at the end of the game for the toy.

6. Children must be supervised always with a puppy. It is the adult’s responsibility to train and care for the puppy. Do not allow roughhousing or play on the floor and respect your puppy’s boundaries. If puppy seems annoyed or distressed stop all play and give your puppy a break.

By NADOI member Sarah Tripp White #1118 C