I’m guessing that all of our Dog Talk viewers appreciated our Theme music, “I Love Dogs,” and the music we added to our videos, such as “I love being me,” “Dogs—talking bout Dogs!” and so many other great tunes we used to help create and sustain our mission to educate folks about valuing their Pets.

The man who composed and recorded our songs was my dear friend Ukie Hart. Today we bow our heads and give thanks for the honor of having known and worked with Ukie as a partner in Media and the Music Entertainment Business. We’ve compiled a montage of moments remembered, which have brought us joy!

From my staff of Dog Talk – JaNiece Cranmer, Jack Chin, Ted McQuire, Bill Hellems and Charlie Rose—Videographers, And The guys of The Hart and Soul Band–Ukie hart Jr., Joe Wright, Danny Vaughan, Earl Hefley, and Cheryl Anders. Our hearts will always remember the good times!