Dog Rescue Website Giveaway


Commenting on our website or anywhere other than the original post here on Facebook will not be counted. Previous contest winners are not eligible to win.

Eligibility: This contest is open only to registered dog shelters or dog rescues in the state […]

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How to Create a Really Successful Pet Rescue Event

Beyond grants and large donations from generous donors, a pet rescue has to continually focus on other sources for raising funds. The cost of caring for increasing numbers of pets lost, abandoned, and abused is substantial. Most rescues have experienced fairly successful financial profits from creating several events during the year. This requires hours of planning by staff and volunteers. Larger, well […]

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Rescue Feature: Rock City Rescue

I was born an animal rescuer; it’s truly the reason I was put on this Earth. As a little girl, I’d try to get my mom to let me bring home every stray dog and cat in sight.

I raised kittens, dogs, a baby squirrel, a baby bunny, countless turtles. I loved every being that would […]

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Rebel Rescue Fundraising

We received this submission from Sonya Frei.

My group is not a shelter, or a rescue, but hopefully you will believe our group is just as important like we do! REBEL Rescue Fundraising is our name. We are five friends who have fostered and cared for animals from our local kill shelter and rescues for years. […]

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Remembering Jeff Nix

One of the biggest Boxer advocates, the Boxer Rescue, Unsung Hero, Jeff Nix passed away last Saturday. He left this world doing the very thing he loved the most, rescuing and saving Boxers. Jeff, a Scott City, Kansas resident was so selfless in his efforts, that he caught the attention of thousands of people around […]

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Featured Rescue: Chicot County Humane Shelter

My name is Leigh Michael. I am founder of Chicot County Humane Shelter in Lake Village Arkansas. For the last year and half, my team and I have saved and transported over 600 dogs from the Arkansas/Mississippi delta area. Our team is very small but we are mighty!! For years, my teammates and I have […]

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