One of the biggest Boxer advocates, the Boxer Rescue, Unsung Hero, Jeff Nix passed away last Saturday. He left this world doing the very thing he loved the most, rescuing and saving Boxers. Jeff, a Scott City, Kansas resident was so selfless in his efforts, that he caught the attention of thousands of people around the world. People in America, Australia, Canada, and even in the U.K. are mourning the loss of this extraordinary human being.

Jeff Nix had a huge heart and a wonderful love of Boxers in need. He, himself, (along with his family) had anywhere from 16 to 18 dogs in his home at any given time. More than a few, were his own foster fails. The senior dogs were his weakness, he couldn’t bare to see them live out their years neglected or abused. He rescued dogs, brought them home and introduced them to his pack. They all coexisted stupendously, some would even call him the Boxer Whisperer. He posted his rescues and their updates daily, often more than that. The people that followed in the Boxer groups were in awe, it was a miracle how he got all the dogs to get along so well. He didn’t use crates or kennels, the dogs just all LIVED for Jeff and his family. He had such a way with them, not just that, he TRULY cared for them. Money was never an issue for him. He saved and rescued these dogs all on his own dime. He never cared about the cost, or how far the drive. He was out to save all the Boxers that were living life on a chain, the ones who were being bred to death, or those who were on their last days at the shelter. Instantly, the Boxer people of FB fell in love with his need to rescue, with his passion for the breed, with his selfless and charismatic character. They offered to help Jeff out with his journeys, whether it was transport, donating food, or helping out with vet visits. They listened while he ranted. He started a movement, people started posting dogs in need. Jeff and his family stepped up and Every Boxer rescued took a trip through McDonald’s drive thru for a obligatory “Freedom Cheeseburger”.

On his last days, Jeff was recovering from an operation and Cheeto, (rescue) was in very poor shape, he spent thousands of dollars and was traveling from Vet to Vet, trying to get Cheeto the help he desperately needed. Even though Jeff was not well himself, he was out there getting the help Cheeto needed.
When he passed away on that fateful day, he was in Denver, a long way from his home in Kansas. A week out of a hernia operation, and he was out there doing what he did best, delivering a rescued pup to a wanting family. Sadly, that was his last mission. 

His friends in the Boxer world, who have never even met him, mourn him. He was a DAILY staple in their lives. They watched as he, and his family rescued and rehomed so many boxers. Jeff loved the lime light, but never, not even once, showed his own face. He loved to show the rescues, happy and being loved on, he loved to show his wife with 10 or so dogs, sleeping all around her. He loved to show his 2 kids giving the ones who needed it the most, their attention. He was loud and just all out fun to listen to. He was definitely not your average rescuer. He was an oddball, had a bit of a foul mouth and could be a bit crude sometimes, especially when the dogs were in dire straits. He’d be mad as hell and made sure people knew it. His followers ate it up though. They stood behind him, because he had a purpose, a meaning, Jeff was a true to life person, (not a rescue group) doing EVERYTHING he could to save these pained dogs. This man made a valiant impact on thousands of us. He has prompted people to adopt rather than breed. He has shown us the kind of person, we all strive to be. He has changed our lives for the better and we are going to miss him dearly.

I am writing this because, I think people, (not just Boxer people) need to know this!!. They need to know that there are still selfless people in this world and Saturday we lost one of the greatest…

Tatianna Kleine
San Diego, California