My name is Leigh Michael. I am founder of Chicot County Humane Shelter in Lake Village Arkansas. For the last year and half, my team and I have saved and transported over 600 dogs from the Arkansas/Mississippi delta area. Our team is very small but we are mighty!! For years, my teammates and I have been rescuing our own beloved animals. We have a huge problem with stray, unwanted, abandoned animals in chicot county. When all of our homes (and friends homes) became full, We decided we had to act fast in starting a program to help the rest. Flying by the seat of our pants with a few willing fosters and a few donations, we started our program.


Today, we are still completely foster based. We use our own vehicles to transport. We are 100% nonprofit and fundraise. We do not only pick up but also pull and care for the animals brought into our city pound. We have managed a zero euthanasia rate for our city since we started our program. We feel bringing dogs into our homes is crucial for socializing them before transport north. We use our vehicles to drive them to bus stops hours away at all hours of the day and night. We have completely (and lovingly) dedicated ourselves to this program since we began. There is no greater reward than seeing these animals blossom and become loved family pets. Our dogs are all over the United States. We could not be more proud to be their voice!! Thank you for supporting all small rescues like us! It means so much!

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