A note from our contest winner

This is Alysia and Dave with Liz E.’s Pekingese Rescue and Sanctuary. We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to Dog Talk for offering a contest to shelters and rescues of Arkansas. We ALL work for and toward the same cause, to keep dogs out of shelters and away from their lives being in […]

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Hello Arkansas!


How impressed we are to have heard from so many of you during our Rescue / Shelter Contest! Dog Talk and I have recently moved to your beautiful State——and I am thrilled to have met so many amazing people! I’m anxious to begin connecting with everyone!

River Valley Web Experts, an Arkansas Resident, is the […]

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$1000 Arkansas Shelter or Rescue Donation Contest Rules


Commenting on our website or anywhere other than the original post here on Facebook will not be counted.

Eligibility: This contest is open only to registered dog shelters or dog rescues in the state of Arkansas who comment on the post linked here on […]

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The Right Fit

The Right Fit.

I was asked to evaluate an adult female Australian Shepherd that lived at a Horse ranch where people take care of their own horses. The main issue was she was coming up behind people and nipping them on the back of their legs. She was apx. 3-4 yrs of age and had been […]

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Why I Became A Dog Trainer

Have you ever asked yourself: “Am I my happy In my current job—what is it that I’d rather be doing?” I questioned myself several times during my six years in two stressful jobs for animal welfare. Each time the answer was that I really wanted to be a “Dogologist.” That was the term given me […]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, there are many things to consider in order to keeping your dog healthy, safe, and happy.

Alcoholic beverages – Drunken dogs are very sick dogs. An ounce of a beverage that is 20 to 40 proof can cause alcohol poisoning or coma in a small dog.

Angel hair – This […]

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Puppy Behavior

We get some great tips from our friends at National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc. (NADOI), Pair this advice with the New Puppy Daily Checklist on our website and it’s a recipe for success! #welovedogs#adoptdontshop

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What do you do if your dogs goes missing?

Now that summer is here, it seems like we are seeing more lost dogs in our neigborhoods.  Even when owners take great care to watch over their pets, dogs can get out and wander off.  We can train our dogs to wait at doors and gates, keep them inside, and keep our fences in repair, […]

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Through the Eyes of a Dog – the Dog Park

Don’t misinterpret BULLY behavior for friendly greeting

“Oh boy! We are going for a ride in the car! That always means something fun! I love running and playing! I especially like the river!

“Oh boy! Here we are! Look at this big space for me to run! I hope mom brought treats, too! It’s so fun to […]

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Desensitizing your dog to people at the door

Repeat each step at least 10 times in rapid succession in a session. This helps teach the dog that the doorbell (or knock) is no big deal.

Do at least 3 sessions at each level before progressing. But do not progress until the dog is non reactive at the previous level. It is all right to […]

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