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We are passionate about helping dogs. Oklahoman's love their dogs and we do too! Dog Talk focuses on new and relational topics all dog owners consider. Let us help you with all your dog related questions. We advocate for fostering, adoption and donation.

Hello Arkansas!


How impressed we are to have heard from so many of you during our Rescue / Shelter Contest! Dog Talk and I have recently moved to your beautiful State——and I am thrilled to have met so many amazing people! I’m anxious to begin connecting with everyone!

River Valley Web Experts, an Arkansas Resident, is the […]

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$1000 Arkansas Shelter or Rescue Donation Contest Rules


Commenting on our website or anywhere other than the original post here on Facebook will not be counted.

Eligibility: This contest is open only to registered dog shelters or dog rescues in the state of Arkansas who comment on the post linked here on […]

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The Right Fit

The Right Fit.

I was asked to evaluate an adult female Australian Shepherd that lived at a Horse ranch where people take care of their own horses. The main issue was she was coming up behind people and nipping them on the back of their legs. She was apx. 3-4 yrs of age and had been […]

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Why I Became A Dog Trainer

Have you ever asked yourself: “Am I my happy In my current job—what is it that I’d rather be doing?” I questioned myself several times during my six years in two stressful jobs for animal welfare. Each time the answer was that I really wanted to be a “Dogologist.” That was the term given me […]

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Dog Talk 844

Today is the final episode of Dog Talk. There are many surprises in store for Pat, including a game of Pup Trivia.

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Dog Talk 843

Dog of the Week: Nancy Velletta, Pet Angels Rescue Volunteer Dog Talk visits with the Pet Angels Rescue. We chat with a very special volunteer with the organization. Plus, a look back at 2015’s Christmas episode.

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Dog Talk 842

Susan Owen visits with Pat about her favorite past dog video and introduces her newest video. Plus, we take a look at the Mythical Christmas of 2014.

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Dog Talk 841

Barbara Lewis and Trisha Clark visit with Pat about their favorite Christmas show. We take a look back at the fun from Dog Talk in 2013.

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Dog Talk 840

Dog of the Week: Denise Phoenix, Owner ‘Sadie’ The Pitbull Rescue of Oklahoma visits ups on set with a very sweet Pitty. We visit the Azzani Training Center. Plus, we are getting in the Christmas spirit by taking a look back at one of our favorite Christmas videos.

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Dog Talk 839

Check out this years Central Oklahoma Humane Society HERO Awards. Bill Bonadio cooks up a Thanksgiving treat for our furry friends. Plus, The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma updates us on all their good-doings. And we take a look back at some of our favorite Thanksgiving moments on Dog Talk.

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