Hi! My name is Brittney Russell and I am one of the founding members, along with our director Katie Miceli, of Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue in Central Arkansas. Our rescue was started on January 1st, 2015 by a small group of women dedicated to the pit bull breed. We worked tirelessly our first year to get our 501c3 non profit status, finally receiving it before the end of the year. All donations and gifts are tax deductible.

We are an Arkansas, foster based, pit bull specific rescue group that does not accept owner surrenders, but we work local shelters, rescues, and law enforcement to save bully breeds from death row, rehabilitate, and rehome them into dedicated loving homes. We here at Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue envision a compassionate world where pit bulls and bully breeds reside in responsible, loving homes, and where their honor a d positive image is restored and preserved. In addition to tirelessly saving pit bulls and bully breeds, we are dedicated to educating the public, advocating for the breed, fighting BSL, and working to end dog fighting in our state. We started with just a hand full of women, only able to afford to save a dog or two at a time from our local shelter. In the past 4+ years we have grown tremendously, with our following of almost 5,000 people reaching from our state, across the country, and even into other countries over seas. We have saved hundreds of abused, neglected, and forgotten bullys and happily placed them into loving homes and given them the bright, hopeful futures that each and every one of them deserves.

We have also held many successful adoption and fundraising events, with our most recent (Paw Prints for Pit Bulls tattoo fundraiser) going viral around the world and bringing in almost $5100 in donations for our rescue dogs, which helped us cover multiple heartworm treatments, spays and neuters. We hope to continue to only grow and become bigger and better. The more followers and supporters we have, the more dogs we can help. We have come a very long way in the past four years and we can’t wait to see where we are in the next 4+ years. We appreciate all of our followers and supporters that know Even The Strong Need Rescuing!!

Thank you for the opportunity to share the word of our rescue and the work we do with your following!

Brittney Russell

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