Yesterday, Pat received a call that there were 3 beagles running loose in a heavily wooded suburb. Two of the beagles were unable to be caught, but one of the beagles was caught by its metal chain and electric collar in some brush. Pat was able to get the one beagle free, and took him to a local vet. If this one beagle hadn’t been found before dark, there is a good chance it could have been hurt even worse by the elements or other animals.

Once at the vet, the beagle was found to have severe abrasions around it’s neck from being caught. It also had several existing medical problems, heart worms, hook worms, and infestation of fleas and tics. Clearly whoever owned these dogs wasn’t properly training them or taking care of their medical needs.

We are still on the lookout for the other 2 beagles. The point of this message is to stress how dangerous and unnecessary choke chains and electric collars are. There are efficient ways to train your dogs without them.

The beagle is being taken care of properly and will continue to be well cared for.