Spencer (our son) is a special young man and he has always loved animals. Because of him, we have been rescuing dogs for many years. When he got to high school, he was able to work part time through vocational training at school. His first job at a vet clinic didn’t satisfy him very well because he only got to clean and not interact with the animals. We found a wonderful place for him to work called Woodland West Animal Hospital. They allowed him to work through vocational training and he got to work with the animals! Boy did he ever flourish!

They fostered his love of animals so much that he was the first student at his high school to start an animal rescue club. He got students involved in volunteering and helping local animal rescues. That was only the beginning for Spencer.

He got involved with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They took him under their wings and he flourished again. He got involved in adoption events, helping animals that had been affected by wildfires and tornadoes. He also helped spread the word about spaying and neutering.

Needless to say, as his parents we are very proud of the young man that Spencer has become. His life mission is to make sure that all animals have a loving and forever home.

One particular rescue found a permanent dwelling place in Spencer’s heart. That dog was named Bubba. Spencer and Bubba have been inseparable. Spencer thinks that the sun rises and sets in Bubba. When we started helping to achieve his dream of having his own rescue, we asked him what did he want to call it. Of course, he said “Bubba’s Rescue”. When we asked him what his mission was for Bubba’s Rescue, he said that he wanted to make sure that all animals had a home and that he wouldn’t have to rescue any more.

We rescue dogs in Scott County Arkansas.

Check out Bubba’s Rescue on Facebook and help their cause!