Time and time again I have been approached by someone who feels the need to create the “Perfect Rescue.”

My advice has always been the same: give your time, talents and commitment to a rescue organization which is well established, well run and well-financed! Spend a year or so learning the process of in-takes which never end. Watch weekly necessary euthanasias of precious pets because their medical bills were too costly. Biting your lip to keep from confronting people who drop off abused pets they have no more use for. Fighting the urge to take another and another and another sweet pet home to save its life! Working hard to convince pet owners to spay and neuter all of their pets.

The emotional stress is challenging! Success is determined by more animals being adopted and NOT returned and fewer being surrendered to the rescue. Will that ever happen? You know the answer! AND SO, the beat goes on!

Do I sound angry? Darn right, I am! I’ve just been advised about a rescue betrayal, a treacherous mishandling of an alliance, a relationship between a rescue originator and the rescue’s Board of Directors.

I’ve been a Dog Trainer, an animal advocate. I have worked hard for the last 20 years through the production of local and national radio and TV Shows. I’ve written books about dogs, And I’ve sponsored other authors who have created stories to educate pet owners. I’ve helped support many rescues in times of need, THERE’S always a need!

I have never desired to be on the board of any rescue and I never will. I do know, however, what it takes to have a successful panel of participants for this kind of organization! Each member must have total faith in the project and total faith in the original concept and that person who facilitates it! That my dear friends brings us to the
most important part of my RANTING! THERE ARE ORGANIZATIONS WHICH TEACH THE IMPORTANCE of how to set up legally and well— a 501 C3 Rescue—of any kind! They educate people on how to protect themselves and their organizations.

Can you imagine how it must feel to have run a successful humane system by which you rescue helpless pets—care for them and carefully find forever homes for them with others who will love and protect them then to SUDDENLY be thrown out of your organization unexplainably?! How sad is that! Yet it happens. We researched the country and found a few other rescues with inter-organizational conflicts.

“Take Overs’ as they are called such as this happen in many commercial businesses all the time but in Charitable organizations, rarely! We must all take note for future reference! This kind of deceitful activity cannot be tolerated!

There is a GoFundMe fundraiser for this rescue operator who has been deceitfully cheated of their reputation. 

Please click here to support them via their GoFundMe Fundraiser. 


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