We have selected the 10 recipients of the Community Hero Contest. If your name or rescue is listed, please contact us with your info so we can mail your check.

Jessica Thorne; Sapulpa Furry Friends:  ” Jessica is the driver of and tireless worker for Sapulpa Furry Friends. She has for several years co-ordinated, planned, advocated and worked when no one else could. Without her there would probably be no organization to help the sick, homeless, unfortunate animals of Sapulpa and the Creek County area. From raising money to organizing transports to cleaning litter boxes, if it has needed doing, she has done it. She deserves recognition for her remarkable work. “

Kate Paris; Happy Paws Checotah Oklahoma ” This sweet lady works hard so many hours a day feeding, cleaning, setting up transports, doctoring, finding homes, she has done it for many years and is still kind and polite to anyone that calls for questions, she helps with dog food for people that don’t have money, her husband drives to Chicago and other states for transports of dogs to fosters and shelters. She is so awesome!!! 

Kelly Place; Stephens County Humane Society “She works tirelessly for the shelter. Not only does she make sure the animals are taken care of daily, but she also writes grants that help the shelter financially.”

Tanja Jackson; Union County Animal Protection  “Tanja has worked tirelessly for over 7 years taking care of no less than 250-300 dogs (not including cats) and other animals. She is selfless and cares for them and her small staff of 5 before herself. She will get up in the middle of the night if called and race out to a local Citizen to help. If one thinks of someone doing 1000 percent, then they are thinking of Tanja”

Renea Magby; Charleston Dog Shelter “Renea has given her heart, time, and daily support to many dogs in the shelter. Her and her husband house all the dogs that the shelter can not hold. She travels everyday to and from a vets office or to pick up or deliver a dog. She plans her daily routine around taking care of the animals first. Her mind constantly thinks of ways to save the shelter a dollar. There aren’t many days you don’t see her on the highway fetching supplies, delivering dogs for surgeries, or searching for a pitiful starved pup that someone has dumped. Her and her husband have spent countless hours mending dog pens, fences, and mowing & weed eating so the dogs have a nice clean play area. They love and care for each animal as their very own. The shelter is blessed by their volunteer work, countless hours of love, and dedication to the Shelter. Please consider the Magby’s for this deserving Award!”

Amber French; Enid Oklahoma Animal Control “Amber French took on the challenge of finding recues, obtaining donations for vaccines & health certificates, finding transportation for the animals of this kill shelter. Before Amber took on this responsibility the “kill rate” at this shelter was very high. Six years later the “kill rate” is below 10% with Amber working with the Enid SPCA, Fetch Fido A Flight & other rescues to find these shelter animals a forever home.”

Corinna Alexander; A+B Animal Rescue of SW Arkansas “Corinna is building pens for each dog at the Rescue. She also takes care of each dog and .akes they are fed, vetted for shots, neutered or spayed, sprinklers in the pens to keep the dogs cool on hot days.”

Dana Huckabee; Heartland Huskies “Dana is and always has been a huge animal advocate. She can boast 20 + years promoting not only the rescue of animals but the adoption of these same rescue babies. She has gone above and beyond and her empathy knows no bounds. Recently the victim of a hostile takeover of the rescue she built 13 years before, Ms. Huckabee still, despite the trials and tribulations in her private life due to the takeover, is continuing to fight for the animals she loves. She can remember the names and types of animals that have been under her care, going back years! I was fascinated to find out this little piece of trivia. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Huckabee several years ago at a PetSmart adoption event and was highly impressed with her love and dedication to the animals under her care. I would like to nominate Ms. Huckabee as a Hometown Hero, because despite all of the trials and tribulations that go with her chosen profession, she still rises head and shoulders above it all, and she does it with great love and grace.”

Jo Ellen Banhart; Almost Home Rescue “When she retired from school, she took on the dog shelter as her new passion. She gives her time and money. I know on several occasions where she will get to the shelter at 4 am to get a dog ready for transport. Making sure that the dog is fed, water and taken for a walk before leaving. I am never with her that she is not on the phone taking care of some problem, trying to get a dog adopted, or answering someone’s question”

Clarissa Reidmuller – KC Pet Rescue Moritllton AR “This woman and her friend Kerri Brown have worked so hard to provide a healthy environment to house dogs who are homeless/abused/neglected/elderly/ill and to find them homes. They have worked to take animals north for adoption events. Clarissa herself takes care of the rescue compound for the animals. She ensures that they are clean, dry, socialized, fed, watered, washed, vetted, examined by a vet and anything else that the animals need. She also schedules volunteers to work at the rescue site and ensures that they are in a safe working condition and are safe with the animals. She also does the fundraising and volunteer activities for fundraising. She also is in charge of the marketing and management of the non profit organization. This rescue would not be as wonderful as it is without Clarissa. In addition, she has fallen and broken her ankle this month and is relying on others to help her with her duties for the next 6-8 weeks and needs help with this! I nominate her because she is selfless in her desire to provide the rescue services that she does. It shows in the love she has for the animals and people she works with.”