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Author Pat Becker of Edmond, Oklahoma, has a career that has spanned movies, television and radio. She produced and hosted the award-winning series “The World of Dogs” for the Public Broadcasting Service.

Currently, Pat produces and hosts the lively television show “Dog Talk” on KAUT Channel 43 in Oklahoma City. Dog ownership and its responsibility have been an ongoing project and passion for the active owner of a variety of dogs.

She and her husband, Jim, have rescued numerous dogs, and all have become a part of their household. Her book, The Search for Paradise, is a story about just two of their fortunate pets and working dogs.

As a dog trainer and pet advocate, the author promotes public involvement with municipal law enforcement and lawmakers to defend animals from harmful exploitation. She also works to convince pet owners of the importance of spaying and neutering, and stays active in a number of animal rescue and care organizations.

Pat believes strongly in the moral responsibility for giving pets a quality of life as opposed to a mere existence. Furnishing food and water in the back yard with a shelter does not ensure this quality, the author maintains.

She promotes interactive dog sports as a way for dog owners to add quality to their pets’ lives. Pat maintains that children’s involvement with their dogs’ activities provides healthy exercise for the kids and instills in them a sense of responsibility as pet owners.